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Vai's First Day

Changing the insurance industry with smart InsurTech solutions

Twenty percent of claims closed in two minutes or less?

Vai solutions automate many common tasks and remove much of the tedious work from many others. This means a growing percentage of your claims can be closed in two minutes or less. And that percentage will continue to grow. As Vai delivers enormous time savings, it also improves the quality of the information used to make important decisions.

Bindable quotes in two minutes with just a name, address, and birthday?

Vai technology offers the potential for significant improvements in a wide range of processes such as bindable quotes in two minutes or less with just a name, address and birthday. At the same time, Vai offers significant improvements in the information and logic used to make those quotes, so your initial quotes are your final quotes.

Here’s an example of Vai at work on a small fence claim.

Where do I find Vai?

Look for the Seal

As Verisk adds Vai technology into its existing products and services, you will see the Vai seal. In digital formats, you’ll be able to click or tap the seal to learn more about the Verisk AI and automation in the solution.

What Vai technology is Verisk working on?